About Us

In our new blog “Piratenstadt.net” my friends and I want to show you the best tips and tricks for iOS and Android games. With this you will not only save a lot of money, but especially money.

The actual situation

Nowadays, it is unfortunate that gamers (no matter what age) spend a lot of their money on any in-game currencies. These can be coins, gold, spins, diamonds, jewels, FIFA Points and many other items. They are all called differently, but the purpose is always the same.

This has now come to an end

There are really cheats and tricks everywhere, which give you a real advantage. This advantage mainly ensures that you can completely ignore the expensive microtransactions. You will never have to waste your money on these items again! Such generators are often only available in Russian or English. On Piratenstadt.net we now make them public in German!

If you have any questions, of course you can always contact us via our contact form!

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