Which passionate player of Coin Master wouldn’t like to use a method how to get free trials and coins without using any hack or other cheats?

Exactly this method is now available! It is called “Coin Master links”. coin master cheats

What are links for Coin Master?

Every day the developers and some sponsors of the game release new “rewards”, which you can collect in the form of spins, coins or other items. To get these rewards, all you have to do is click on the links and that’s it. It really is that simple! Best of all, new rewards and links are posted every day. By the way, such “Coin Master Rewards” are already common in the USA!

Where can you find these links?

There are some websites, blogs and also apps for iOS and Android where the links are updated every day. Of course, absolutely free of charge! We have been watching some websites for a longer period of time, but had to realize that there the links are updated only rarely or sometimes not at all. However, we have found two apps for iOS and Android, which you can use.

Here are two Android apps:

Probably the best app for rewards

Another app which can help you too!

and here is an app for iOS:

Here is the iOS app for Coin Master Links

There you simply navigate to “Daily Links” and press the blue button. After that, the game should open immediately and the items will be added to your score.

How many spins and coins can I get?

Normally, at least two links are published per day. These contain either coins or trials. Most of the time it is a mix of both. For example, you can get 25 spins and 2 million coins each. Sounds little, but sometimes 5 links are published and you get 100 spins or a few million coins more – every single day!

If you want unlimited coins or attempts, you should use the Coin Master hack for iOS and Android. There you can choose how many items you want to have. Both methods save you real money and a lot of time, because you don’t have to wait so long.

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