You love EverMerge as much as we do, but you don’t know the EverMerge hack yet? Then we have great news for you: You can get free gems and many other in-game items just by using the online generator.

Here you can use the EverMerge hack for iOS and Android

Already thousands of players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have used it – what about you?

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Guaranteed more fun with EverMerge

Either you’re still pretty much at the beginning of the game or you’re more of an advanced player. The former would mean that you don’t know yet how important gems are in the game. If it’s the second, you will have already realized that gems and also some other items are really indispensable in the game. Without enough gems, it will be difficult for you to advance. Too few gems will make everything take even longer and the developers or the gameplay will urge you to buy the gems! Do not do that! Instead of buying the items you can simply use the EverMerge hack apk. This works on all devices.

Get free EverMerge coins as easy as pie

No matter what anyone else claims or tells you. It is absolutely possible to get free gems. Tools like the EverMerge hack are really nothing new anymore. Besides the EverMerge cheats, there are hacks and cheats for almost all iOS and Android games. Among them are also very popular games like FIFA Mobile or Coin Master. Really everywhere there are in-game currencies, which also means that there are cheats and hacks everywhere!

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Why you should use the EverMerge hack tool

  • You can get free gems
  • There is no need to get banned
  • Everything is legal and there are no consequences
  • We explain you step by step what you have to do
  • You can use the EverMerge hack as many times as you want
  • Use it for your friends or for yourself
  • You don’t have to download anything

“And they all lived happily ever after? Yep, and in EverMerge time has definitely not stood still! There are no dusty fairy tale legends fighting dragons and monsters in this saga. Here, they combine, merge and match to create quirky, modern heroes who have learned from their “stupid” mistakes in the past.

For example, Sleeping Beauty now knows that tons of coffee ☕ will protect her from the next 100 years of sleep. Cinderella now designs 👸🏼 shoes instead of counting peas, and Pinocchio’s 🤥 nose no longer grows when he lies.

COMBINE & COLLECT In this merge game, any magical object can be combined with others. Merge three or more objects of the same kind and get the weirdest surprises: Who doesn’t dream of trees 🌲 growing candies 🍭 or magical flowers blossoming into butterflies and bombastic mines 💣 full of mysterious treasures that get even bigger by clever combining? Merge tree trunks into huts, huts into houses and houses into mansions.

Build coral castles and moon palaces, or turn fields of grain, carrots and corn into the most delicious treats. The more you combine and match, the richer and more fantastic your new wonderland will become. You’ll find everything you need on a single, huge map. Develop your own merge strategy and create your incomparable kingdom

🏰! But that’s not all! A magical wave of your wand is all it takes to clear the cursed fog over the land, but you’ll have to earn it first.

Merge coins 💰, fuse gems 💎 and open treasure chests – every mission or quest you complete is rewarded with magical bonuses and new heroes! Dive into a fun and cheeky saga of a new kind and be enchanted by this magical match & simulation adventure!”

Source: Google Play

Have fun with the EverMerge hack!

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