If you’re desperate to get Poro Coins and Wild Cores, there are only two options: Spend really big bucks or use the LoL Wild Rift hack. This hack is 100% working and works on all internet enabled devices. Below you will find our online generator. Just scroll down and get free Wild Cores in just two minutes!

wild rift hack


Here are some advantages of our hack!

  • Generate free Poro Coins and Wild Cores
  • You do not need to download or install anything
  • No jailbreak or root required
  • It works for Android and IOS
  • Use it on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • It only requires an internet connection
  • We are always adding new features
  • You will not be banned
  • Totally uncomplicated
  • Nobody asks for your email or password

league of legends wild rift hack


  • Your friends might get jealous
  • Your motivation might decrease
  • The game might become less fun if you play without limit

But if you really want to have the most awesome skins, we can only recommend you to generate as many free Wild Cores as possible! lol wild rift hack


“Dive into Wild Rift: the 5-against-5 MOBA game featuring the skills and strategies from League of Legends by Riot Games, now redesigned from the ground up for mobile devices. Enjoy fast-paced matches thanks to smooth controls, team up with friends, confirm your champion, and grab a spot high on the leaderboard.


Master the gulf and write your legend with dynamic champs and ever-changing strategies. In every game, there’s a chance to use your skills at the perfect moment, turn the tide in an insane team fight, or land a brilliant pentakill.


Teamwork is everything in this mobile MOBA! Whether you’re a duo, trio, or five, join the queue and climb the leaderboard with your friends. One enemy nexus at a time.


Sweep away the competition with a giant sword, freeze enemies with an ice arrow that flies across the map, or lure enemies to their doom with your hypnotic charm. No matter how you choose to write your legend, there’s a champ to match waiting for you.”

Source: Apple Store


Simply download the game, install it, create a save game and then immediately use the League of Legends Wild Rift hack to generate the items. You can use the online generator as many times as you like.

Use the Wild Rift hack now


First of all, we want to tell you that the League of Legends Wild Rift hack is probably the best option a player can have. Because instead of spending money on Wild Cores over and over again to get champions, skins or other items, you can simply use the LoL Wild Rift hack for iOS and Android. By the way, there is no disadvantage or any risk for you.

However, we strongly advise you to use the League of Legends Wild Rift hack apk as soon as possible, because the development team keeps releasing new updates. Some of them may fundamentally change the game or the currencies or items in the game, then we have to follow up and release updates as well. This can always take a few weeks or even months.

Right now the hack is working fine, so get started right away!

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