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Sieben Tödliche Offenbarung Cheats & Hacks - Kostenlose BICS für iOS

Game description:


When you are contacted by the personified evil on your cell phone, a suspense guaranteed in this interactive horror thriller adventure! Your choices determine what course the events in this thriller story will take – and how the story will end. Dive into the darkest depths of the human soul and experience a thrilling, fascinating psycho thriller adventure you’ll never forget! You’ll never forget the bone-chilling story that unfolds in Seven.

In this free adventure game, a stranger’s ominous prophecy triggers a series of dramatic events that you must solve with the acumen of a detective. Prove yourself as a hacker, solve mysterious puzzles, make the right decisions for the story and, piece by piece, find out who is so ruthless as to threaten the lives of your loved ones! The game features an exciting story with text dialogues with different characters and realistic documents, pictures, videos and sound effects. The extensive and well-designed text thriller will keep you busy and guarantees long-lasting fun playing and puzzling. Seven (Seven) is a completely free horror game and includes optional in-app purchases that can speed up the process and completion of the story. And if you liked Seven (Seven) Deadly Revelation, you’ll love Seven (Seven) Endgame too !!!


How you decide affects the course and the ending of this scary episode of the interactive horror story. Thus, you can actively determine the story and influence your relationship with the different characters. It’s even up to you to decide who will survive in the end.


In Seven (Seven), you can directly decide how you want to interact with the people in your life. Each text message and each time you decide will affect the relationship you have with all the characters. The interactive thriller games force you to choose between people and lose some of them in the creepy depths of this horror story.


Dive into the deepest abyss of the human soul and solve a variety of exciting tasks, puzzles and mini-games. Seven (Seven): Endgame is a roller coaster ride of emotions and it’s up to you to fight against an unpredictable psycho to save the lives of your friends and family! You’ll receive and send text messages that directly influence the course of this interactive horror game. You can choose which direction you want the game’s story to go by interacting with each character and facing the psycho that threatens those closest to you.”

Source: Play Store from Google

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